Friday, July 16, 2010

Divided FDA Panel – Diabetes Drug Avandia Stays on the Market

On Wednesday 14 July 2010, The FDA Panel voted to keep Avandia , a routine drug used to treat Diabetes, on the market overcoming serious concerns that Avandia increases the risk for heart attacks and strokes.

In a closely watched debate and vote, 12 of 33 members of the FDA panel voted to withdraw Avandia from the market. Ten voted to keep the drug available but with restrictions; and, 7 voted to add further warning labels or revisions to the labels. Three voted to allow sales without any changes.

This vote was after the panel concluded that there was sufficient information to be concerned about increased risks of heart attacks and strokes, but insufficient date on the increased risk of death. comment: WHAT?

Furthermore, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg (aka the Hamburglar) will make the final decision about Avandia’s future. comment: Avandia is a drug used to treat Adult On-set Diabetes, otherwise known as Diabetes Type II. Which is a degenerative disease and in fact becoming an epidemic in our view, caused by terrible nutrition (bad eating habits) combined with less and less nutritious foods being consumed AND a lack of nutritional supplementation. If I was a Type II Diabetic, I would work to change my nutritional habits and take the highest grade pharmaceutical grade supplements I could obtain, contact me if you are interested in knowing what the highest rated pharmaceutical grade supplement available is.

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