Friday, February 12, 2010

Introduction – Don’t Give Up and Accept the Pain!

If you are suffering from some sort of knee pain, you are one of approximatley 33% of Americans in their late 40’s or older to have this condition - which is decreasing their quality of life.

Many things may have caused or be causing this knee pain, among them: old or new injuries such as a torn or ruptured ligament or cartilidge, or, just a degeneration of the components of the joint.

Some knee problems may require a surgical intervention while others do well with medications, supplements or holistic type treatments.

Some people just don’t do anything other than living with the pain as it limits their activities. The purpose of the site is look at options to reduce knee pain and to maximize the chances of a pain free life in regards to your knees, as well as other joints.

Just don’t take pain for an answer! At least not until you have looked at and/or tried all remedies. I was fixated on living with knee pain and a degraded ability to do physical activities. I’m here to tell you it may not have to be that way.

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