Monday, March 22, 2010

Steve's Joint Pain

Received a phone call from Steve G. from Washington State, two nights ago.  Steve had been having pretty severe knee joint pain which precluded him from too much running and biking.  Steve is an amateur tri-athlete and needs to run and bike in order to stay competitive in his age group.  I think that if Steve had to give up running and biking that he may as well just give up on life, such as is his addiction to physical fitness.

He had previously called me 5 months earlier to tell me his knee joint pain had all but evaporated and he was so happy to be able to run and bike pain free again. Steve's phone call two nights ago was to let me know that his thumb joint pain, occurring where the long thumb bone (1st Metacarpel) connects to the palm (Carpus -or actually 8 carpal bones), has disappeared as well. Steve said that he thought this thumb joint pain was just the price he was paying to train with weights and ride bikes long distances.

He stated that he didn't even think about the thumb joint pain it he was focusing on training and his knees, but a couple of days ago he realized his thumbs were not hurting at the thumb-palm joint area, hence the reason he called me.  I told Steve that I also have a lady client who has experienced a great reduction in her hip joint pain, but also in her thumb joints as well.

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