Friday, February 12, 2010

My Story

I had decades of increasing knee pain. Each time I would see a Doctor it was “You have Housemaid’s knee”,……”Have you heard of tennis elbow? You have knees like that.”……… “Knee deterioration is inevitable,..if it hurts, don’t go it.”…and so on…or worse yet,…”Take these pain killers”. No Doctor ever told me about what those pain killers can do to your liver over time.

There is no doubt that sometimes this pain is the result of years of use or abuse, such as in my case of decades in the Army carrying heavy loads, running mile after mile, and performing several hundred parachute jumps. Sometimes the knee pain is a result of injury never healing and becoming just chronic pain.

Sometimes you learn subconsciously to minimize the motions and movements that produce pain. But when the pain is going up and coming down stairs, and you have a lot of stairs in your daily life,…well,….it just sucks.

I tried Off-The-Shelf after Off-The-Shelf joint product. Osteo Bi-lex, Fex-A-Min,…..this variety of Glucosamine, that variety of Chondroitin….all without effect. Until I tried a pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine product and combined it with a pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil supplement. Within a few weeks I had relief. What a amazing feeling!

If you are like I used to be, living with knee pain, having it change my life and minimize my physical activities then this site is for you. I plan on writing about knee pain, sharing stories of people, who like me, had agonizing knee pain then found relief, and talking about the problems with conventional pain relievers and joint replacement surgeries.

Don’t let the Medical professionals blow you off. A lot of them are more like Disease Management pro’s rather than Health Care Managers. Take charge of your own bodies. I am here to tell you there is a lot you can do to bring back the enjoyment of physical activities. Read on. If you feel you may be one of many who can be helped then please contact me on the no obligation form below to learn more.

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