Friday, March 19, 2010

Danny's Liquid Glucosamine Joint Health Product for Knee Pain

I ran into Danny, my neighbor, this morning. He is in his late 50's and more often than not, walks his dog down our rural roads. Today he was hobbling. I had met him about 18 months ago (when he wasn't hobbling so much) when he complained about knee joint pain. Danny is about 30-50 lbs overweight which of course bears on his knee joints.

Shortly after I first met Danny, I gave him some literature about the pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine I was taking. Danny told me he was already taking Glucosamine, Condroition, etc., without much relief.

I explained to him then that there is no guarantee of purity of ingredients and potency of the product when you buy off-the-shelf products at the local retail store. He seemed to get it, but as is my way, I gave him the information and did not pester him about going on the pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine for his knee joint pain - hey, let the buyer beware,..if he wants to spend it on food grade stuff, then so be it.

Anyway, this morning Danny told me he had just switched to a liquid joint health product, telling me that because it was a liquid it is aborbed into the body better than tablets or pills and that is was guaranteed, or money back, to help his aching knees.

I think it's important not to call anyone a fool, so I told Danny "Hey, great if it's working for you. But remember that nutrients are not absorbed in the stomach, but the intestines after they have been broken down by stomach. Be careful of off-the-shelf food grade products that do not have the USP symbol, for meeting United States Pharmacopoeia standards." Again let the buyer beware. What I really wanted to say was "Absorbed better?" "You have got to be kidding me". "Do you research on liquid supplements as there is no data to support any of those claims."

The worse thing about it is that Danny is actually paying more for the liquid food grade joint health supplement than he would for the same amount of pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine.


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