Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Danny's Aching Hip and Knee Joint

While having a dinner and training session with some of my Health Sciences associates at a local restaurant, Danny introduced himself as the manager and said he could not over hear that we were talking about Health and Nutritional products. Danny, 52 years old, told us that he had a lot of health issues..... mainly high cholesterol, high blood pressure but the pain in his hip and knee joints were so severe and debilitating that he is on short final to get a hip replacement.

Danny said that although his knee joint hurt like the dickens when he is walking, the hip joint (really mainly on one side) bothered him even when he was sitting or sleeping. He figured he would take care of one joint pain problem at a time, the hip being the biggest problem.

He told us that hip joint replacement surgery, on one hip, would cost him $205,000 out of pocket. He found a hospital in Costa Rico that would do the same surgery for $12,500 including airfare, hotel and hospitalization costs. Seemingly a good deal until you consider that joint replacement surgeries are lasting, on average 8 to 12 years. This would necessitate another costly replacement surgery for Danny when is around 60 to 64 years old.

We told Danny about our products and what he may want to try nutritionally with pharmaceutical grade supplements not only for his knee and hip joint pain, but also with his general health issues with high cholesterol and blood pressure. We simply have to provide our bodies with proper nutrients in order for the body to work properly. I reject out of hand that surgery and medications are your first line solutions to joint pain and health issues, especially when the nutritional approach is much less invasive and costly.

I gave Danny some information, wrote down several websites for him to look at and now it’s his call whether or not he wants see what pharmaceutical grade nutritional products may provide to alleviate his joint pain in his knees and hips, but with his overall health as well.

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  1. If nutrition could cure or reduce the pain due to joint or hip problem, then it's freaking awesome. It's true that millions of people are suffering from pains and a simple walk or bent is already an ordeal. And since not everyone could afford to pay that much, I'm almost certain that many are still relying to drugs rather than having a permanent solution. And considering the depuy asr hip replacement recall news, I'm beginning to doubt this option as well.