Friday, August 6, 2010

Lycopenes linked to Decrease Risked of Cardiovascular Disease

Another Health Nugget of Wisdom from Dr Ray Strand. I would encourage everyone who can to go to and sign up for his newsletter which includes the weekly Health Nuggets. Dr Strand also have nutritional recommendations for a wide range of degenerative diseases.

Lycopenes are found in tomatoes, hence a reason for eating Italian food!,....that's what I tell my wife anyway.

As you have been learning, oxidized LDL cholesterol and not native LDL is our enemy because it causes such inflammation of our arteries. Fat soluble vitamins are important because they can actually incorporate themselves into the LDL particle. They have been shown to have the ability to then make this LDL cholesterol less likely to be oxidized by excessive free radicals.

Lycopene and other fat soluble vitamins have been shown to protect our LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized in epidemiological studies and human trials. Therefore, these studies show a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Riccioni G, Mancini B, et al. Protective effect of lycopene in cardiovascular disease. Eur Rev Med pharmacol Sci. 2008 May-June;12(3):183-90.

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