Wednesday, August 4, 2010

People's Wants and Needs are Different

Recently had a couple of conversations with people regarding health and supplementation.

The first person, an amateur athlete who routinely exercised through cycling, swimming, weight training and such understood the value of nutrition and the role nutrition and supplementation played in his overall health. He was highly interested in pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and the concept of optimal health through providing for your body’s nutrition at the cellular level. High level physical exercise, through competitive running, swimming, cycling or triathlons or just even some of the extreme workouts some people will put themselves through, takes a toll on the body, not just only joints and muscles, but through oxidative stress on the total body. Anyway, this guy “got it”. Completely understood the differences between food grade, off the shelf supplementation and the need for advanced doses of quality, and in our case pharmaceutical grade, supplements to ensure nutrients for optimal cellular health are attained.

Yet another guy I had a conversation with did not break through the fog of understanding. In his early 40’s and working out five times a week through running, weight lifting and cycling, produced a lot of oxidative stress in this individual not to mention muscle soreness and chronic joint pain. Yet he thinks his supplementation needs can be achieved through protein drinks, rather than first ensuring that his base nutrients (multi-minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins) are obtained.

Just goes to show you that everyone’s wants and perceived needs are different. I have people who take OTC joint products, achieving little to no pain relief, but are skeptical about trying a pharmaceutical grade product for optimal joint health even though the costs are the same.

If you are one who understands the value of advanced doses of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements to ensure nutrients for optimal cellular health are attained, then please click here and watch the videos on this site. Or click on the contact me block to your upper right.

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