Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weight Loss and Chronic Joint Pain

Earlier today I heard a radio advertisement spot on Weight Loss. It started out, words to the effect, "Are you suffering from obesity, mild or not?; are you worried about diabetes creeping up on you?; do you have pain in your joints especially your knees?; if so The Weight Loss Clinic has a solution for you." Then the radio spot went on to advertise about weight loss surgery.

I know there are some morbidly obese people walking around. I feel exceptionally sorry for them. I know that at some point they hit an apex on their condition and now have felt like they have lost any control they may have had on their weight.

Even so, I cannot believe that surgery should be considered a first option. Their first problem is bad eating and lack of nutrients. To compound that problem by reducing your stomach's ability to hold food only decreases the ability to get nutrients into their body. Their second problem is the reduced mobility, often caused by joint and knee pain that reduces their ability to get physical exercise so necessary to a healthy lifestyle.

Excess weight causes much of the joint and knee pain that everyday people feel. Weight loss, especially if the person is way overweight, is certainly worth the effort not only to reduce knee pain but to increase that person's health. But weight loss has to come in a healthy manner.

I take pharmaceutical grade nutritional products for my day to health as well as pharmaceutical grade optimizers for my knees. Previous to that I went on a five day program to "Re-Set" my system, push toxins out and lose some weight. The program I was on consisted of a Low Glycemic Meal Replacement drink 3 times a day, with Low Glycemic nutrition bars in between, a piece of fruit or vegetable of my choosing and of course high doses of nutrients through supplementation. In five days I lost 9 pounds and did it in a healthy manner.

Body weight has a tendency of magnifying the pressure on you knee and ankle joint, rendering one pound into what is felt as several lbs. Lose wight If you have chronic joint knee, especially in your knees, lose weight and take high grade nutritional supplements and high grade optimizers to minimize your chronic knee pain in a healthy manner.

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