Sunday, August 1, 2010

Excessive Exercise Poses a Danger to Athletes

Athletes who workout very hard face more damage to their bodies than those of us who exercise in moderation. Kind of a Catch 22,..... the harder the workout, the more strength and endurance you'll have but also the more damage you'll do to your bodies by the increased reactive oxygen species indicative of oxidative stress.

This simply means that serious athletes, working harder, have a substantially greater need for basic nutrients in the form of anti-oxidants and multi-minerals in order to provide their body the best protection against oxidative stress and the free radicals that are released to damage our bodies.

Antioxidant supplementation has been shown to reduce levels of reactive oxygen species markers, and as such, holds promise for limiting exercise-induced oxidative damage, reducing the rate of muscle fatigue, and hastening recovery from bouts of intense exercise.

This information is from a clinical study on Anti-Oxidant Supplementation
to trained cyclists.

Click here for the full study: Effects of Anti-oxidant Supplementation on Oxidative Stress in Trained Cyclists

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