Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Role of Anti-Oxidants in Our Joint and Overall Health

Oxidative stress is a major cause of degenerative disease, including diseases and inflammation that effects our joints. Free radicals developed and released in our bodies, as a result of oxidative stress, effects all organs, body functions and our joints through cellular degeneration.

Anti-Oxidants protect against Oxidative Stress. Imagine a fire place with a fire burning,......the sparks flying out and causing damage to the carpet or rug are those free radicals released through oxidative stress. The fire place screen to keep these sparks (or free radicals) from causing damage are the anti-oxidants our body produces and that we get from food from all plants.

The body produces anti-oxidants but requires vitamins, minerals and co-factors in order to do so. Anti-oxidants from plants are a major source of our overall oxidative stress protection however the nutritional value of foods have greatly declined due to packaging, processing and even reduced nutritional value of the soil they are grown in.

Oxidative stress is a slow, cumulative process. Choosing the right foods and ensuring proper supplementation using the synergy of multiple anti-oxidants is the optimal way to protect oxidative damage.

Not only should you consider taking nutritional supplements designed for joint health and to reduce joint pain caused from degeneration of the cartilage, you should also consider an overall nutritional supplementation program using the highest quality products that you can obtain to ensure you have optimal health through providing your body with the nutrients it needs to fight oxidative damage.

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