Monday, January 17, 2011

A Tale of Two Ricks - both with Bad Knees

I'm calling this post a "Tale of Two Ricks" because about seven weeks ago I called to two gents both named Rick, both with aching knees, about trying our products for two months to see if they could make a different.

Rick R., who is in his early 40's, likes to run but lately hasn't been running due to pain and some swelling in both knees. I told him my story about trying off the shelf joint products for almost 20 years without result. He had the same experience using several food grade supplements without any discernible change in his pain. Anyway, Rick R. agreed to try our daily Nutritional Supplement and Glucosamine product. I caught up with him a couple days ago and asked him how he was doing on the product. Rick R. told me he is in his sixth week of taking them, feels great and has been running again for a week without pain. He also told me he dropped seven lbs in those six weeks because he doesn't feel hungry very much. I told him I often hear that from clients and I believe its because you are providing your body with high doses of nutrients therefore you body doesn't crave nutrients nearly as much. I told him it wouldn't help him with a sweet tooth, ha ha.

Now the other Rick, Rick T., who is a little younger than Rick R. also has knee problems primarily going up and down stairs. I also talked to him about the products, and he received the same information as Rick R., but this Rick told me he doesn't believe in "pills or vitamins". As I was leaving the building, just after talking to Rick R., I saw Rick T. walking in and asked him "Hey Rick, your knees still aching?". He said they were. I just kept walking by and said "Hey maybe you ought to talk to Rick R., he's doing something different and his knee pain is gone."

This just goes to show you that people have different priorities. I would think that if your knee pain (or your general health) is not good, then a person would certainly do something different. The definition of insane is sometimes put as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results." Well, I guess that sometimes works with lottery tickets.

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  1. oops sorry i made that earlier comment. that was a pop up ad for instaflex, one of many supplements that does nothing! May look into your fish oil though. Cheers.