Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kathy's Chronic Joint Pain

This is not a success story - we are posting it because it is incredulous to us that someone accepts their bad health and chronic joint pain without having a "want to change" bad enough to try.

We met Kathy a couple weeks ago. She is a 48 year old from the Mid-West. To put it bluntly she is a classic example of self inflicted, or at least, a self enhanced handicap.

Kathy struggles with chronic joint pain as well as a host of other degenerative disease symptoms. In fact, she cannot walk without a cane and even then not very far. Being grossly overweight not only adds to her debilitating joint pain, especially in her knees, but increases the onslaught of degenerative disease symptoms.

Taking 12 different prescriptions medications each day to treat the symptoms (not the causes) of her problems, Kathy is on a ferris wheel and only she can stop it.

Drinking a half case, yes - a half case, of sodas each day compounds her problems. The ironic thing is that Kathy really doesn't eat much throughout the day - she doesn't have to since she crams a barrel of sugar into her system through the sodas.

We sat down and talked to Kathy about what she can do nutritional to try and re-gain her health as she is an example of living too short and dying too long. We introduced the concept of a Healthy Lifestyle, eating better and taking Nutritional Supplements however without any effect, as Kathy is convinced this is her lot in life. That's what we mean by a self enhanced handicap. She is placing her health in the hands of disease care specialists and not assuming control over her own health and life.

As Kathy's chronic joint pain worsens, she even lose the minimal mobility she has now, accelerating her other problems. Her borderline diabetes will become full fledged Adult On-set Diabetes,...she'll gain more weight and increase the pain in her knees. Kathy and Kathy alone has the power to do something about it.

We consoled her sister-in-law, who originally introduced us to Kathy, by telling her Kathy's want and need for a better life is just not strong enough to overcome her closed mind. Our door is always open to help Kathy, but she has to assume first responsibility for her health and have a want to change it. The clocks ticking.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a change.

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