Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exercise for Bad Knees or Knees Joints with Pain

The Catch 22 with knee pain is that is makes exercise painful. Painful exercise is rarely done so the benefit of exercise and strengthening the leg and connective tissue does not get achieved.

For my money there are basically two low to no impact ways to get the cardio benefits of exercise with the strength building benefits for your legs. No to low impact is important to keep knee-joint pain at a minimum and to motivate a person to exercise,....pain is a great demotivater.

One is swimming. The act of swimming and running in the water is not only a strength builder but can be a heck of a cardio workout as well.

Two is bicycling on a stationary bike be it a upright or recumbent exercise bike. Upright bikes may may an advantage in helping with core torso strength depending upon your bicycling technique.

Bicycling may be the better of the two as you will get a fuller range of motion with you legs and joints. Plus you can watch your favorite programs on T.V. while getting a beneficial workout.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on high end exercise equipment to make a big difference. The carousel below show several models of upright and recumbent bicycles available in modest price ranges.

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