Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doctor Ray Strand’s Releasing Fat

As you can tell, from time to time goes off azimuth on Aching Joints and Chronic Joint Pain subjects and delves into areas like basic Nutritional issues. Long a proponent of Doctor Ray Strand and his writings, his web site is a gem of knowledge in the area of natural healthy lifestyle. believes that a healthy lifestyle, through proper nutrition, supplementation and moderate physical exercise supports healthy joints and possibly reduction in chronic joint pain, especially for the knees which takes the brunt of our weight. Doctor’s Strand ’s is not about losing weight, more so than it is about a healthy lifestyle in which losing weight is often a beneficial side effect.

Part of any Healthy Lifestyle should include diagnostic blood work to derive values for essential nutrients that you may or may not have. has previously posted here, about Health Screening such as Health Check USA which is a Laboratory we have used (and can recommend) for blood testing.

Doctor Strand also offer’s blood testing through a partnership with Lab Corp a well respected laboratory and blood testing facility with offices throughout the United States. Please visit Doctor Strand’s website, to obtain additional information through a site tour. He offers memberships which provide discounts, especially for blood testing.

The Releasing Fat Program offers comprehensive blood testing for its members located in the continental United States . These blood tests are offered at very competitive rates for its members. Our members are able to order their blood tests from the convenience of their home and are able to go to over 1,000 draw stations across the nation to have their blood work drawn. The results are then available in just a couple of days to the physicians involved with the Releasing Fat Program. You will receive a complete health risk assessment from our medical staff after you have filled out your Health Survey and our physicians have received your blood work. This medical evaluation also allows us to establish your baseline prior to entering our program. Follow-up blood work is then recommended after you have completed the 12-week Releasing Fat Program and annually in our Maintenance Program.

Some of you may be located in an area where a LabCorp blood drawing center is not located. This means that we will need to mail you a blood drawing kit, which will need to be taken to your local lab or physician's office. They will draw your blood and then place it in an overnight package (this will be provided) so that the blood can be shipped overnight to LabCorp. There will be an additional charge of $25 for each time blood needs to be drawn. Your local lab or physician will also charge you a standard blood draw fee, which usually ranges somewhere between $5 to $10.

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