Friday, March 18, 2011

Client Comment Received this e-mail from a woman (and mother) on her experience with some of our products. Although she doess not have joint issues,....e.g.chronic pain in her joints, I am posting her correspondance as it related to our overall philosophy that one should take a high quality in high doses for optimum health, then address specific problems with optimizers if need be.

Dear AchingKnees, I started on the daily supplement almost two months ago. I felt a difference within a week, but what promopted me to write was that my daughter's 4th grade teacher said she noticed a big change in my daughter's school work, attitude and attention span. I have her on the Children's supplement and we both share the Fish Oil. I am a believer and thanks again. Gloria, Jacksonville, Florida comment: I replied back to Gloria and told her that she should now look to get better at the other three legs of the Chair of Health. 1) Minimize exposure to toxins to her and her daughter, 2) Ensure they both get an adequate amount of exercise and 3) minimize bad fods, maximize good foods. She had previously written me about her daughter and I asked what foods she normally eats. Once I learned that, I advised her to replace the frozen waffles, bagels and cream cheese, high sugar cerals and orange juice with fresh fruit, oatmeal, use honey rather than sugar, multi-grain breads and I like the all natural Simply Grapefruit and Simply Orange brand of juices.

Take charge of your own health. You have a much bigger stake in it than your Doctors.

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