Friday, October 7, 2011

Reducing Your Blood Pressure

While I was looking on the Real Age site, I found this article on "Reducing Your Blood Pressure with Drinks....

The article states:

Whether you choose soymilk or cow's milk, having a glass now and then may be doing great things for your blood pressure.

So say investigators of a recent clinical trial. Their study found that milk and soy proteins may each have the ability to reduce systolic blood pressure.

Putting the Clamps on Pressure

In the study, researchers randomly assigned people with pre-hypertension and stage-1 high blood pressure to receive either 40 grams per day of protein from soymilk, 40 grams per day of protein from cow's milk, or a carbohydrate-rich drink. After 8 weeks, both the soymilk and cow's milk groups experienced improved blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure dipped 2.0 mm Hg in the soymilk group and 2.3 mm Hg in the cow's milk group, while the carb-supplemented group saw no change.

Less Is More

A 2 or 2.3 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure might not sound like much. But health experts believe that even this modest reduction could lead to 6 percent fewer stroke-related deaths, a 4 percent lower rate of heart disease deaths, and a 3 percent reduction in overall deaths among Americans. So even a little bump down translates into major life saving.

Take the Yogurt Challenge

Want to get more blood-pressure-friendly food into your life? Try eating 2 to 3 servings of nonfat or low-fat yogurt each day. Choose sugar-free varieties to keep calorie count down.

I don't know about the milk, though. I have been drinking cow milk for over 45 years now. My blood pressure did not improve until I started taking daily high doses pharmaceutical grade nutritional products six years ago. My blood pressure was always around the 138/98....even when I was in my late 20's and early 30's. It was high enough to get me referred to the Health Clinic for monitoring. In the last six years, having been on these products, my blood pressure is now in the 118/84 range.

So I don't think Cow Milk has a lot of do with reduced blood pressure. I think that the nutrients provided by good quality cow milk (or soy milk) are a partial solution for what your body needs for optimal health and a robust immune system, the body obviously needs a wide range of nutrients in high doses. And you can't get the quality nor amount strictly from foods.

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  2. When you want to lower your blood pressure, think beyond slashing salt, calories and fat—and also consider what you can add to your diet. More vegetables, fruits and lean protein, says the Institute of Medicine in a February 2010 report on preventing and controlling high blood pressure. Plus, recent research points to three beverages that also may help to lower blood pressure.

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