Monday, November 19, 2012

Miracle Vitamin C Cure?

The Miracle Vitamin C cure, at least that's what it sounded like on a morning talk radio infomerical with a Doctor, who I'll call, Dr. Unicorn. We all should know by now that Supplement Manufacturers are restricted by the FDA on making claims pertaining to how their nutritional supplements cure disaeases and conditions.

Doctor Unicorn apparently did not understand that, or is willing to face being a target of the FDA when he claimed that his Vitamin C supplement will lower your blood pressure, lower your LDL (the bad cholesterol) and do other amazing things. It's one thing to say we believe that any particular nutrient or product helps with this or that condition, but to make a claim that it cures a disease is wholly another.

He did correctly state that the FDA's minimum Required Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin C is 60 mg and that is way too low of a dose. I certainly believe that a person needs a much greater dose of Vitamin C and every other nutrient than the old, antiquated RDA recommends, but I also believe that we can't pick one or two nutrient's and take them in mega doses and expect much good to come from it. I believe we need the whole gamet of nutrients in large doses that will work synergistically to provide nutrients for optimal celluar health.

I believe that not only advanced doseages of all nutrients are important but the quality of that nutrient, from the source through to manufacturing, is very important. Doctor Unicorn continued his infomercial by reading ingredients from other manufactuers' products and likened some of the ingredients with toxic substances,....words to the effect,...."cellulose,...that's really chopped up newspapers",.......... ...."Silicon,..that's a lubricant like Motor Oil".

Oh yeah, Doctor Unicorn also made the claim that since his product is a powder, it activates and it's absorbed better and faster. Really? Well, I hope the people who fall for Doctor Unicorn's Miracle Vitamin C are few in number, but if it works for them then maybe they should stick to it. Doctor Unicorn could use the income because he ain't concerned about his reputation.

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