Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best and Worst Energy Drinks

Those Energy drinks are all over the news these days, associated with deaths of youths who basically become addicted to the sugar and caffine high that these drinks provide.

The Shine on Yahoo published a report, titled "Best and Worst Energy Drinks", which is a fair report if un-complete.

Recent headlines over the potential health hazards of energy drinks have led the FDA into intense investigation. The stimulus? A Maryland mother who filed a request to see whether the energy drink, Monster, had been tied to any deaths in recent years, after a fatal incident with her own 14-year old daughter. Health and nutrition expert Aimee Raupp joined “The Shine” to advise on which energy drinks should be avoided and which to embrace.

Aimee points out that that FDA and the Federal government have raised real concerns about the health effects of these energy drinks. In fact, energy drinks are not FDA regulated because their sold as nutritional supplements, not food so that’s why they can exceed the FDA-mandated 71 milligrams of caffeine.

Which beverages should we stay away from? Aimee says to avoid the following energy drinks at all costs. These are the most popularly sold energy drinks in the United States:

Red Bull
Full Throttle
Sobe No Fear

One of these energy drinks is the equivalent to 4-7 cups of coffee. Aimee says that is way too much caffeine for one sitting. The reaction is alarming – after consuming one of these, your body will go into overdrive – pupils start to dilate, heart rate increases, and all you want to do is move, move, move (and not in a good way!). These drinks can also cause a lack of mental focus and increased hunger.

On the flipside, there are a number of “good” energy drinks that provide positive health benefits, and Aimee recommends the following:

Scheckter’s Organic Energy

Of this group, Aimee’s top pick is the Cellnique because it’s the lowest in added sugars and the ingredient list here is quite clean and super naturally energizing. Regardless, all of these choices are organic and contain energizing sources like acai, yerba mate and guarana.

MyAchingKnees: These "good" energy drinks are still food grade products with all the usual problems associated with that manufacturing process.

Are you completely weary of energy drinks altogether? If so, here are some great alternatives. Coconut water is one of the best – it’s completely all natural, no preservatives – you can’t get any better than this. Also go for Kombucha ( do be aware though it’s an aquired taste – “effervescent” as Aimee puts it), Yerba Mate, green vegetable juice (with cayenne pepper or ginger or turmeric to really invigorate circulation and boost energy), an energizing smoothie with banana and spirulina, green tea (organic), organic coffee, or dark chocolate.

MyAchingKnees: Slice up a Cucumber and place in pitcher of water in the fridge - you'll be suprised how good it tastes. Better that that, invest in a Vita-Mix type blender and make your own smoothies of vegetables and fruits. You'll get all the nutrients not just the juice from a juicer. The natural sugars you'll get will be released slower and limit the energy drop you get with refined and high fructose corn syrup type drinks. Not to mention minimizing the crazy blood sugar levels and path towards diabetes. One of my favorite smoothies is beets, carrots, bananna, grapes and blue berries.

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