Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Health Signs You Should NOT Ignore

From Katie's Take by Katie Couric. Pretty good advice. We always advocate people taking charge of their health, and we all know people who only had problems diagnosed after they continued to demand that something was wrong. Use your own intuition.

When the typical cough or cold strikes, the average person can recognize how to ease the pain, but what about when it comes to more serious health issues? Not everyone can think like a doctor, which is why a checkup is necessary every now and then.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Senior Medical Contributor at the ABC New Medical Unit focuses on what to pay attention to, how to analyze it and when to worry. Dr. Ashton highlights the importance of the patient’s own intuition so that the physician can follow their own medical instincts.

A feeling of knowing when something’s just not right can help both the patient and the doctor in determining the diagnosis. Symptoms can occur in circles, such as depression and fatigue. A person that experiences one of these symptoms is more likely to experience both, knowing how to treat just one of these symptoms can solve both problems.

Dr. Ashton mentions the internet as an endless stream of explanations for symptoms, doctors know how to properly apply patient information in order to provide proper treatment and she tries to teach this skill to people also.

The severity or time period of certain symptoms can determine when to bring a doctor’s opinion into the mix. If the pain doesn’t go away on its own there is a chance it will get worse after a certain period of time, the different between casual and chronic pain is described by Dr. Ashton’s two week rule, more than two weeks of pain should be the signal to alert someone of the problem.

When pain and suffering is interfering with the quality of life a doctor’s analysis and advice is crucial in order to prevent the possible condition from getting worse.

Keeping up with your health is important so that common symptoms like fatigue, abdominal pain, and headaches do not occur often. Hydration, getting enough sleep and lowering your stress level are all essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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