Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just Label It!

Is it asking too much just to label it? This article from Natural News states it very well what a gigantic monster Monsanto is and their plan to have our Congress and Senate to add a provision in the Farm Bill that will make it “Illegal” for states to have laws that will mandate labeling of GMO’s.

It will not only take away states rights to decide for themselves but make it illegal for the states to decide otherwise.

Monsanto hates the fact that individual states are beginning to pass laws that will require labeling of foods that contain the poisonous GMO’s. We are only asking that they be labeled so we have the option of “knowing” what we are eating. We are not even asking them to stop manufacturing them, just label them!!!

If you are concerned about your health and the food we have available to eat, please read this article, click on the petition and sign it…that’s all.

Please tell our elected representatives that our freedom is more important than Monsanto’s profits and their jobs!

Read the article linked above to understand what the GMO fight is about. Let the consumer beware!

MyAchingKnees comment: We don't endorse Natural News, however from time to time there are very good articles posted on this site. Our issue with Natural News is the host of capture pages advertising products like "cures for cancer - for $5.15 a day" or the list of other miracle, super supplements that are advertised.

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