Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creatine has another Victim

Lyle left a question on the post "Link between Creatine and Chronic Joint Pain?": "Did you notice any improvement since going off creatine? I'm taking Beast Creature creatine and my shoulders have started to hurt so bad it wakes me up at night. I will stop taking it today and I hope I'll get some relief. I did however see positive results in power but I can't take this pain and no sleep. Also noticed joint pains."

By the time you read this Lyle, your joint pain should be gone. I quit taking Creatine years. Again it was years ago, but as I remember it took a week or so to get the Creatine flushed out of my body. It's kind of interesting, but the gimmick supplements are cyclic. They hit the market, gain popularity, fall out of favor, then return to bother a whole new generation of users.

Creatine has some properties to neutralize or otherwise combat build up of lactic acid (waste product) produced from muscle fatigue and weight lifters report that they get a better "pump" using Creatine,.....but at what expense? your joints? No thanks.

If not Creatine, then what? Everyone should be a high quality daily multi-mineral, multi-vitamin supplement because you just cannot get the nutrients you need from today's food supply. And if they have joint pain, the two main optimizers for joint pain relief are Glucosamine and Vitamin C, given no structural damage requiring surgery. I also think the Curcumin can help the efficacy of the Glucosamine and Vitamin C. After four plus decade abusing my body and joints, I attribute the almost total extinction of my knee and back pain to pharmaceutical grade supplements including Glucosamine, Vitamin C and a deritive of Curcumin.

An quality Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplement can also help by reducing the oxidative stress from having a imbalance of Omega 6's to Omega 3's from which often non-specific joint pain is thought to be an effect from.

If you are lifting weights, especially heavy weight, you may want to replace all the exercises that turn your palms away from you, e.g... traditional bench presses and over head presses, and instead try replacement exercises that rotate the palms in, towards each other. This should reduce some of the stress on your shoulder joint.

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