Monday, June 13, 2011

What do You Say to a Supplement Heritic?

More on Nurse Jill the Supplement Heritic. I received the following comment and question: "I just loved your article on the Nurse Jill who refused to believe that supplements can help her with her health. I have a whole city full of relatives who are sick all the time and just cannot connect the dots between their being sick and their lifestyle,...what they eat, lack of supplements, no physical exercise. I can understand the lack of time or inclination to work out or even walk in the evenings, but jeez they are dying at a much faster rate than me! What do you say to people who won't even consider taking vitamins. My Brother-in-Law won't even try to Glucosamine I bought for him and he had to give up golf because his knees hurt so much. Lisa."

Lisa, I think talking to relatives (and that would include best friends) is different than just talking to occasional friends as the former implies more freedom to say what you want. Second of all, I don't try to talk anyone into taking nutritional supplements or to change their lifestyles. I have learned that even small change is just too uncomfortable for some (maybe most?) people.

However, I do talk to people when they open the door. For instance, how many times have you talked to someone and they complain about their health or lack or energy or being sick all the time? Happens alot of me,...maybe because of my age group,...but anyway I'll say something like "I know how you feel,...I used to feel like that quite a bit, until I found the amazing health benefits of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements,...and combining that with other healthy choices,...well, it has changed my life."

You will be able to tell who is interested, or what I like to say is: those whose want for a better life is stronger than their dislike of change.

Occasionally, I be talking to someone about nutritional products and they will say, "Those are expensive", and I'll reply "Compared to what", and let them answer. If they don't answer then I'll say "Compared to a meal in a restaurant? If you eat out once a month less than you do now, then these are easily affordable." Sometimes I'll just say "Expensive compared to Doctor's bills? What do you think your health is worth anyway?" I take less than $100 of products a month. If I could only afford half that, then I would spending $50 a month on supplements.

Sometimes I tell people that I have not been sick in over six years. They say "You must be lucky",...I reply.."Lucky to have enough common sense to take the highst quality supplements available, eat as well as I can, and get some physical exercise.....yeah, I guess you can call me lucky."

And invariably, you will have people who just don't get it and I'll usually close the discussion with something like "Keep doing what your doing if it is working for you." And those people are the epitome of the saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.".....or you have a better chance of being eaten by Donkey's then getting healthier by doing nothing.

Good luck to you on your relatives. Even if you can get them to make minor changes in their unhealthy lives they will be better off for it.

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