Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Loading Doses for Joint Supplements?

MyAchingKnees received a question from Karen "Why do joint supplements say to take double doses for two weeks, then revert back to a standard dose from then on?"

Taking a double daily dose of supplements is called a "loading dose". I don't have an answer other than my belief that "loading doses" are intended to put a lot of the product into your system in hopes that you will see or feel a return of investment and continue taking the product.  It is not like your body stores the extra amount of supplements there creates a pool of nutrient reserves to draw from.  A more negative thought would be the manufacturer wants you to have to purchase another box or bottle of the supplement quicker (more profits for them).  

I also believe that if the supplement was a quality product then a loading dose would not be necessary. In other words if the efficacy, bio-availability and dissolution of the supplement is what is should be,.... look for the USP certification,...... then a loading dose would not be an issue.  

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