Monday, December 26, 2011

Reader Likes Super Greens

I received an e-mail from Kathy about a nutritional supplement called "Super Greens" and she asked me my opinion on it. I put this question on the back burner until I was also asked by a co-worker about this product who told me his wife takes them.

Super Greens advertises that there are 49 organic grasses, grains, and green vegetables in a nutrient-rich, alkaline formula which helps to gently pull the blood and tissue balance from an acid base to an increasingly healthy alkaline state. And that the blend (powder) provides 125 vitamins, amino acids and minerals that all are essential for your body. The powder easily dissolves in water, which you should be drinking as part of a healthy diet anyway.

The daily dose is four level teaspoons a day of the Super Green's powder. Four teaspoons equals 20 grams, so the $73.95 package of 110 grams of Super Greens powder (plus the one ounce of pH drops) would last 5 and one half days according to my 8th grade Math. These seems pretty expensive to me.

Add the fact there is no independent laboratory certifications; no US Pharmacopoeia (USP) certification logo on the website or bottles; and certainly no FDA certified manufacturing facility claims makes the quality of this food grade product suspect.

Additionally, the website lists 7 titles published by the creator of Super Greens, Dr. Robert O. Young, without anyway to order the books. So I did a search for Dr Young and his published works by title name and author name and could not find even one.

I did not create this site to bash products....that's why I am always writing "Let the Buyer Beware". So I'll change up a little and just say "If the Super Green are working for you, then maybe you ought to stick with it."

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