Sunday, January 1, 2012

Health Check From a Survey?

I received a question from anonymous asking ”I recently ordered some nutritional supplements made specific to my needs based on an on-line survey I took. But as I began to think about this, I am now concerned with if this is a valid way to customize the supplements I need. Do you have any opinion on this?”

I would be interested in knowing the company you are using. I am aware of one company that sends you a urine kit. You provide a urine sample and mail it off. They supposedly determine your nutrients needs then custom build a nutritional supplement for you. I think this is as valid as the written on-line survey is to determine your nutrients and doses,……that is to say, not valid at all. I’ll bet if you ordered supplements from various parts of the country using different urine samples or different answers on your questionnaire, you will get the same nutrients in the same doses.

I an unaware of a company that customizes a nutrient package and doses per person. Even the most reputable companies, manufacturing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements, make only one standard nutritional supplement for adults. Further deficiencies, although rare if the supplement you are taking is pharmaceutical grade, are made up by taking extra supplements called optimizers.

If you want to really see what nutrients you are lacking and what indicators of disease are troublesome, then you have to have a blood test.

LabCorp and HealthCheckUSA are two prominent companies who have really good service in this area. I have been using HealthCheckUSA and usually get a very complete blood workup done about every 18 months. Now I have about 5 blood tests going back eight years or so that allow me, and my physician (if I ever get one) to see the movement of scores across many categories related to the onset of degenerative disease.

LabCorp maybe only be usable via a Doctor’s script. I know HealthCheckUSA usually goes to local Pharmacies and this is a patient to lab relationship instead of a provider to Lab service relationship. There are undoubtedly other labs that can provide this service in your local area.



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