Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Album Feeds Children

Most of my charitable giving goes to the Children's Hunger Fund. This is really a first class organization routinely evaluated and praised by many. CHF operates with total financial integrity and efficiency, and are consistently ranked by,, and as one of the most cost effective charities in the nation.

Children's Hunger Fund has been selected to receive 100% of the proceeds (not profits, but proceeds) of ALL sales for Mark Swayze's new release, This Album Feeds Children. Mark is the worship leader at a major church in San Antonio and has become a dear friend of CHF.

Children's Hunger Fund - Mark Swayze Album

Mark and the band have created some incredible worship songs that will encourage you and help focus your heart. I invite you to listen for yourself, and I encourage you to support this Texan who has a huge compassionate heart for children suffering around the world.

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