Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr Oz on Relieving Back Pain

MyAchingKnees is a fan of Doctor Mehmet Oz and in particular his Health Corps where he and others are working to educate teenagers on fighting obesity. Obesity is rampant among our youth and leads to all sorts of degenerative disease and conditions including joint painn and diabetes.

From Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain, Dr Mehmet Oz explains that sometimes it is better to simply live with back pain and to stay active as many times the quicker you get moving the faster the recovery.

MyAchingKnees concurs, but one must know the difference between an actual injury and simple muscle soreness.

Dr Oz goes on to state that over the counter NSAIDS (Non Sterodial Anti Inflammatory Drugs), such as Ibuprophen, Napricin, Aspirin can be effective in reducing and controlling the pain.

MyAchingKneeswants to caution people when taking NSAIDS. I abused Motrin for years and have no sworn off taking any NSAID with the exception of Aspirin for headaches.

Ice or Heat? Oz explains that both can help, but Ice initially then followed up by Heat will do a better job of controlling inflammation and pain. He also recommends Menthol and Capsaicin creams which can create heat and are also effective in controlling pain.

MyAchingKnees believes in these pain relieving creams, which can also enhance circulation and stimulate recovery through enhanced blood flow, paritculary effective when used in conjunction with massage therapy.

We recommend a product developed by Bill C. Coats, R.Ph., C.C.N., of Coats Aloe. Dr Coats has been manufacturing Aloe Vera products in FDA Inspected Facilities, since 1962. In fact, I was exposed to his products about 30 years ago by my sister. I always keep a bottle of Aloe Vera Linament in my bathroom.

Back to Dr Oz. He also states that if you have pain lasting more than a week - then see your Doctor. And if you have to do any rehabilitation, it can often be done in your home or office. Dr Oz finishes by demonstrating a simple seated hip and back stretch in the video. Watch the video by clicking on the link to the article at top of this post.

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