Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Brother FDA

Message from Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky regarding Senate Bill, S. 3187, titled the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) User Fee Re-authorization Bill:  

Imagine gun toting agents from the Food and Drug Administration storming onto your property because you choose to sell raw milk. Think this can’t happen? Think again. FDA agents have been barging in to farms and natural food stores to crack down on individuals whose only crime is believing they know better than the government what was good for their health. 

Last week, I (Sen Rand Paul) offered an amendment to the Food and Drug re-authorization Bill. My amendment would curb the FDA’s abuse of power and overreach. It would disarm the FDA, terminate FDA raids on Amish farmers and natural food stores, and put an end to their censorship of dietary supplements. Watch Rand Paul on the video below. I believe his efforts are in the best interests of Americans who favor choice and self responsibility for their health and life styles. 

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