Saturday, June 9, 2012

They Still Don't Get It

This past Sunday I was watching the cable news programs and tuned into a group of Doctors discussing why degenerative diseases, including arthritis, athrosceleosis, diabetes and other common ailments that, in the past, have been usually associated with older people are now turning up in epidemic porportion in much younger people today,..some times in teenagers.
As I watched the round table discussion I was amazed and perturbed at the same time to hear the Doctors make statements to the effect: "A sedentary lifestyle is causing a large porportion of these degenerative diseases," "One of the keys is to start getting medical screening as much younger ages," "People need to know the 'at risk' factors and be pro-active discussing this with your Doctors,".....

Not once did I hear any of the Doctors say anything about the importance of good nutrition.
Not once did I hear any of the Doctors talk about the importance of taking quality nutritional supplements to ensure you get the required nutrients in the required doses.
Nor did I hear any of the Doctors mention avoiding common toxins.

What this means is that each of us has to be responsible enough as individuals to cast about and search ernestly for the answers. Each of us has to be individually responsible for our health and well being.

Doctors,...God bless 'em, I know some dog gone good ones and Doctors in general certainly save many lives each and every day, but they are in the business of treating symptoms not the cause...most of them anyway.

Take charge of your health. Make today the first day in a Healthy Lifestyle for the rest of your life.

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