Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does DMSO Help Combat Joint Pain?

Carl W. sent us an e-mail asking if DMSO was worthwhile to use for joint pain. "Have you used or do you have an opinion on using DMSO directly on the joints? I have knee pain on the sides of my knee and sometimes they just ache. I am somewhat leary of using DMSO because my wife says it is bad. If I decide to use it, where would be the best place to buy DMSO?"

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is basically an industrial solvent with the property of penetrating skin and membranes. While DMSO has it's own anti-inflammatory properties it is also sometimes used as a transport mechanism to bring anti- inflammatories into the joint or muscle.

It is very common for Veterinarians and horse owners to mix DMSO with corto-steriods and gel type anti-inflammatories to treat tendon and liagment injuries, as well as provide relief from stiff or injured joints.

I have used DMSO, by itself without another agent, for my elbows when I had pain in the tendon endings in both elbows.  DMSO seemed to take away some of the pain, but rest was the key to resolving the issue.

DMSO works pretty good but the disadvantages include an immediate garlic type taste in your mouth and you may put off friends or your family with the garlic smell.

I have read someplace that DMSO is also toxic to the liver especially when routinely used. Be careful. If you use DMSO routinely then periodic liver function tests would be a good idea.

DMSO can usually be obtained at pet feed stores, especially ones that cater to horses. That is where I bought DMSO in a roll on type applicator. I would advise using rubber gloves if you handle DMSO. If you decide to use it, make sure the application site is clean and free of soap residue as the DMSO will take anything on the surface straight into the tissues.

Remember that using anti-inflammatories, DMSO or anything else, still is only treating the symptoms.

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