Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Resveratrol: A Potent Anti-Oxidant

A reader sent me the below that she received from a friend.

"Do you know about Resveratrol from Red Grapes and their ability to be a cancer fighting agent? Natural News says that red grapes produce Resveratrol, but they only develop the Resveratrol when they are infected with a fungus, so grapes that are treated with anti-fungus chemicals produce much less resveratrol than their organic counter-parts."

I did not know about the red grape production of resveratrol being dependent upon a fungal infection. The flip side of organic fruits and vegetables, and another reason to go organic, is that they will also have less toxins like the anti-fungal spray. Always beware of the daily load of toxins we are bombarded with, or unknowlingly subject ourselves to.

It is true that Reseveratrol is thought to be a potent cancer fighting agent. More and more Doctors and Nutritionalists are believing that Resveratrol not only protects cells from the damaging effects of cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, but can enhance effectiveness of these treatments.

I whole heartedly believe in Resveratrol, as well as Grape See Extract, taking 30mg of Resveratrol and 490 mg of Grape Seed Extract from a pharmacuetical grade source every day, as my belief is that the first line of defense against degenerative disease, including cancers, is optimum cellular health.

Quality red wines also contain Resveratrol, although you would have to drink quite a bit to get what you can in a quality supplement.  I guess this can be an excuse to get tipsy each day.   

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