Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reader Question on Glucosamine received this question from a reader:

"Can u tell me why you think your product is better than the Life Extension Glucosamine and Chondroitin I am taking? It has more ingredients and it probably cheaper than your product."

I am aware of the The Life Extension product you are taking. Life Extension's multi-supplement are actually rated in the Comparative Guide and I'm sure they are a fine company and with good products, however they are not pharmaceutical grade. So you have no third party verification of the potency, purity and dissolution of the products.

The Life Extension Glucosamine/Chondriotin Capsules, come 100 capsules in a bottle. The scientists I have talked to or read from cannot prove Chondroitin in a supplement form helps with joints. However there are many studies on Glucosamine. Like I say "proof is in the pudding", I'll never be without the formulation of Glucosamine I take called Procosa II. What you are taking requires five tablets (400 mg of Glucosamine per) a day to obtain the Glucosamine dose I get in four tablets (500 mg per) of Procosa II, without considering the quality difference.

The product you are taking cost $38 retail or $28.50 for the member price. My retail customers pay $28.79, $26.66 wholesale (member price) or $23.99 on autoship (product arrives ever 28 days) so we are actually a more economically product.

And like I had written before, I took off the shelf Glucosamine for almost twenty years without relief. It wasn't until I tried a Pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine that I found knee pain relief.

If your product works for you then I'd stick with it, however I have a feeling it doesn't since you wrote me. Good luck to you.

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