Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busser’s Back Pain Reduced By Wearing Strange Shoes

A gentleman who did not want his real name used was telling me that he was augmenting the back pain reduction he was experiencing with the pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine product by wearing a specialized footwear sometimes know as “Skeleton Toes” or “Five Finger shoes”.

In the past two months I have seen quite a few people wearing this type of foot wear where each separate toe has it’s own sleeve.

Some of the more common manufacturers and names are: Merrel Barefoot shoes, Vibram Five Fingers and Bikila, and, Fila Skele-toes.

Make no mistake about it, these “shoes” if you can call them that, are not your house slippers. Although some versions are made for water use and could be used around the house. Some of these versions with a several millimeter thick abrasion resistant vibram sole and EVA midsole are made for running and hiking.

Some of the advantages of wearing footwear like this is the separation of the toes which can help circulation and minimize rubbing of the toes and therefore formation of blisters and corns.

Busser tells me that his lumbar back pain, especially walking on the concrete, has been further reduced by wearing these shoes. He also told me that for the first week your feet and calves will be a little more sore but that’s a good thing as you are strengthening your foot and lower leg. Busser’s knee pain, which went away almost totally using the pharmaceutical Glucosamine, came back in a different fashion with wearing these shoes, but he said it must have been muscle releated as it went away with the calf and foot soreness. I guess they just take getting use to.

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