Monday, April 4, 2011

Eva and Mark - Proving the Science

I have a client named Eva, who is 47 years old, her husband Mark is a friend of mine. Eva first was interested in nutritional supplements years ago. Because she never experienced any advantage in taking supplements, which were 'off the shelf' brands, she really didn't believe in what she called "magic vitamins", but for the most part has been taking supplements, albeit different brands for the past few years. Now to be fair, many people even taking the highest quality supplements may not feel or experience any profund change. You have to have some faith in the science and the fact that virtually everyone needs nutritional supplementation simply because the foods we eat today have such a marked difference in nutritional content than the foods that were available 50 and even 30 years ago.

I don't have endless energy (I not supposed to at 52), nor do I run around like an idiot wearing a bowling shirt and a clown smile, but the fact that I have not been sick in going on 6 years and my previous knee and back pain and stiffness are gone,....not diminished, but gone is my proof.  Even though I know the pharmaceutical grade supplements are helping me by the lack of sickness or chronic joint pain that plagued me for seemingly forever,....the proof is in the blood tests which I get every 12 to 15 months. Anyway, back to Eva,....

After meeting my wife, Eva asked how can my wife have such nice skin, nails and hair when she works outside much of the day in the Sun and wind? My wife, not really caring too much about supplements,...I have to put them out in her bowl everyday so otherwise she'll forget them,....said to Eva something to the effect,.... "I don't know, maybe it's the vitamins Brad put me on."

Eva came to me and asked me what we are taking, so I told her. She said she was sometimes taking another brand. I said "Great! I think that's the first step - to take nutritional supplements. I think the second step is to take the highest quality you can find or afford."

I told Eva the difference in what she was taking (I was familiar with the company) and what we take was that our supplements were USP verified AND pharmaceutical grade. I may have been in a hurry that afternoon, but ended our conversation with words to the effect, "Hey, if what you're taking is working for you, good. "

Well it must have been seeing my wife and the fact that Eva thought we had a "secret", she called at night and became a client. Fast forward two months and we see Eva again and she exclaims, "Look at my nails! I think it's the supplements you put us on. Mark is taking the supplement for the joints and is now riding his bicycle again as his knee pain is very little." That's what is called a positive experience, a physical feeling usually a decline in pain or symptoms. Sometimes you won't get that and need blood tests to prove the science. Both are ways to achieve "the proof is in the pudding".

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