Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weight Loss Can Help Ease Joint Pain,....but Don't Trust That Weight Loss Pill, Jay! received this question from a reader: ”I’d like your opinion on this product I am going to be trying. I am overweight, about 40 pounds accordingly to my Doctor who told me that I would reduce the pain in my knees if I lost some weight. So I have found this product called (name deleted) which is advertised to help me lose 21 pounds in a month without dietary restrictions, without gym needed exercise sessions and will increase my energy and testosterone up to 49%. Have you heard of this product and do you know anything about it? - Jay”

Here’s the deal Jay.......I have not heard of this particular product until your question popped into me. I am not using the name for three reasons,...1 – I don’t need a bunch of complaints when I write about this product; 2- I don't feel like advertising this product, because even a negative comment is advertising; and, 3 – there are thousands of products just like this. Manufacturers of these products rely on thousands of people basing a hope for a better, pain free life or quick weight loss and throwing their money at it.

Your Doctor is half right saying that weight loss, when you are overweight, can help reduce joint pain, or in your case knee pain simply because with less weight you are placing less stress on that joint(s). If you have a mechanical injury such as soft tissue or bone damage, then it probably won’t help. However, I highly suggest losing any excess weight simply for your health. Better health can decrease joint pain because better health (getting more quality nutrients and minimizing bad foods and toxins) will allow your body’s immune system to function better and start to abate the damage from free radicals which can manifest itself into many problems, including joint pain.

It is problematic to me that the supplement you are thinking of taking advertises a “49%” increase in energy. How do you measure that? I can see measuring testosterone through a blood test,....but energy? And weight loss without “dietary restrictions”? What if you took this pill but still ate 5 lbs of ice cream a day? Would you still lose weight? Plus the promise to lose weight without “gym needed” exercise? You need to read some of my articles on the Chair of Health where eating right, taking high quality supplements, getting some physical exercise and avoiding toxins are the “legs”, or the four areas you need to work in to achieve health.

Since you are wanting to lose weight to see if that relieves your knee pain, I am sending you information on our five day program to re-set your health with had a side effect of safe weight loss with an average of 5 lbs in 5 days. This is only effective if you start trying to be more healthy through proper eating, taking high quality nutritional supplements, getting some exercise and avoiding toxins. I’ll be in touch via e-mail.

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