Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Chair of Health

Alot of people ask me why I am so healthy and what do I do to remain that way. It is really a combination of things and I equate a person's health to a four legged chair,.....shorten too much of one leg and you'll be off balance, or remove one of the legs all together you'll tip over.

I do not advocate being a "Health Nazi". I eat garbage sometimes, .......because it taste good. I drink a very small amount of alcohol these days,.....maybe just a sip or whiskey or an occasional beer,.....although I would be much better off switching to red wine with ti's very high levels of the anti-oxidants resveratol.

I expose myself to some toxins and can to a better job of avoiding them, but compared to where I was years ago, my toxin exposure is fairly minimal. And, I do not work out like I used to. 50+ years of age have gave me other priorities rather than a svelt body and biceps,...but I am physically active and do two short weight training circuits a week.

But you have to do something to protect your health. A little bit of good is a whole lot better than nothing at all. You'll not only feel much better, but BE much better if you can incorporate what you can of the four legs of healths:

Eating As Well As You Can. The best foods for you are Low Glycemic and foods low in saturated fats. Fast food is not only not good for you, is actually bad for you. Get it? Not good, but Bad!

Take High Quality Nutritional Supplements. You just cannot eat well enough and in the necessary quantities in order to get all the required nutrients in the necessary high doses your body needs. You need to take a high dose of quality, and I don't mean off the shelf products, but actually products that are guaranteed for purity, potency, dissolution and efficacy. You can piecemeal your supplements either. You need them in ratios to each other and with supporting compounds or other nutrients so they can work synergistically to provide you with the required nutrients for optimal health.

Stay Physically Active. You don't need to work out like a Mad Man or Woman. In fact too much exercise creates it's own unique stressors to the body and depletes your store of nutrients more rapidly. Some type of moderate exercise to increase your heart rate and provide moderate stress to your major muscle groups. Time is the most common excuse to lack of an exercise program. But really that's just an excuse. You can get alot of exercise done, and good accomplished, in three to four 30 minutes sessions a week. Fast walking, stationary bicycling, stepping, weight circuit training are all quick types of exercise. When you get used to your routine change it up or do it at a quicker pace.

Keep Exposure to Toxins at a Minimum.It's crazy the amount of toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Most people aren't concerned about them since they are in such very small amounts,....but you add those amounts, day by day, week by week, and year by year and you see some problems associated the exposure. Paint fumes, gas engine exhaust, airborne pollutants, plastic by products from microwave cooking in plastic containers, daily household cleaners, your car's heater and air conditioning unit,....too many to account for.

Don't try to sit your life on a three legged stool, your four legged chair of health.

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