Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reader Question on Nuraflex for Joint Pain Relief received this question: "My friend was telling me she heard about an all natural product for chronic joint pain and osteo-arthritis called Nura-Flex. Have you heard about it and what do you think?"

No, I have not heard of Nuraflex, but did some research. This is one of many Off the Shelf (meaning non prescription) products that advertise to stop arthritis and joint pain. This particular product advertises 7 "Amazing Ingredients",.. ....Hyaluronic Acid, Nanomeds Collagen II, Devil's Craw Root Extract, Bromelain, Bosweilla Serrata Extract, Glucosamine and the last "Amazing Ingredient" is Chondroitin. "Amazing" is their terminology - not mine....and yes, I'm being sarcastic. I just have no faith in food grade, off the shelf products.

Nowhere on the website do I see a U.S. Pharmacopoeia certification or a guarantee for potency, purity and dissolution. The website advertises clinical trials, but does not elaborate.

I say let the buyer beware. If you are taking Joint Pain or Arthritis prescription drugs like Celebrex, Prednisone, Lyrica, Mobic or Prednisone then I would think this Nuraflex would have less side effects, but beware the products that 1- have no guarantee or are not manufactured to Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices.

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  1. I'd use White Flower Embrocation when the arthritis in my shoulder becomes intolerable. Generally the pain is manageable within 12 hours. I would like to share this with you and you may order directly from

  2. This product should not be taken as it lacks the resquisitos needed to be taken as it has no certificate. Would recommend taking medicines known as hydrocodone and vicodin.

  3. mis-educated we have become! The big pharmaceutical industry LOVES us (and they have brainwashed us well) They take our dollars and smile as more of us get sick from the chemicals we ingest due to fancy advertising. Do your research and do not let your kids learn what you did in school and through advertising. Independent investigation of the truth and applied common sense should be the rule. Get off the grid and stay there. It is money that rules the world and you will never have enough to compete. Watch the movie "THRIVE" and learn the absolute truth! Share with your fellow human beings and take back control of YOUR life!