Monday, October 11, 2010

Lady Doesn't Believe Joint Supplements Work

I recently had a conversation with a woman in her early 50's who had just finished getting micro surgery on her knees. She told me she was still in alot of pain, four weeks after the surgery and still have very limited range of motion.

I asked her if she had tried nutritional supplements and optimizers to see if she can get some relief from the chronic joint pain. Now, considering this women is a teacher so she is educated and presumably well read to a large degree, her reply practically stunned me:......"Oh, I don't believe in those things. If the Doctor doesn't prescribe it for me, then it won't work."

Usually, I just disengage myself from such ignorance, but I continued on with her telling her that the pharmaceutical grade supplements that I take for my health and knees/joints wasn't prescribed to me, but they are every bit as pure and potent as any pain reliever or anti-biotic that a Doctor can prescribe and without the side effects. And have given me great results,....knee pain gone and I haven't been sick at all in over 5 years.

I told her, probably wasting my time, but told her nonetheless that she ought to read "What Doctor's Don't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You", and, "Death by Prescription", both by Doctor Ray Strand of the leading Nutritional Medicine experts in the United States. Available from Dr Strand's website, or through the link at the right side of this site.

Anyway, this woman, who is much too young to be crippled up as she was, is an example of what I call "self handicapping community". These are people who don't don't take their health into their own hands and do many things to alleviate their own disabilities and suffering. For a start she could begin to educate herself and take steps to protect her health and minimize chronic joint pain through high quality pharmaceutical nutritional supplements. Some of these same people will think nothing of spending $50 a week on eating out but think $50 a month is much too much to spend on optimizing their health. Unbelievable!

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