Sunday, December 12, 2010

After Exercise Knee Treatment

I received an e-mail from a gentleman telling me his 'after workout' therapy routine for his aching knee joints and asking me what I thought about this natural type of treatment.

This gentleman stated he runs around 20 miles a week in 3-5 mile increments and sometimes runs the stadium stairs at the local high school football field. When we returns home, he ices his knees for 10-20 minutes, then applies heating pads, and uses both both towels and a electric heating pad.

The ice packs helps reduce inflammation and control pain, while the heat promotes blood flow and therefore healing. You can run the danger of killing skin (like frost bite) with the ice, especially if you fall asleep with an ice pack on your knees. Followed by the heat - be careful not to place too hot of a heating pad on numb knees as you can also damage the skin or get a burn. Plus, where the heck does he get the time to do this?!?!?

My reply back to him was "if it works for you, then you may want to consider keep doing it", but I think he is missing the point from this site that a solid nutritional based foundation, both with watching the foods you eat and taking high quality nutritional supplements, is also a natural "therapy" and treats the cause of inflammation and degenerative disease while the cold and heat therapy predominantly treats the symptoms.

And a word of caution of running stairs is in order especially if you are my age :) Downward running of stairs, or the fast decline even on smooth roads is hell on your knees. Be careful. If I was you, I would run up and walk slowly down.

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