Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reader Question on What I am Recommending

We received this Anonymous comment, really a question...."I have been reading many of the articles on your site. It seems you advocate vitamins and minerals primarily for chronic joint pain and I am wondering why that would be first rather than using any number of the wonderful joint complex formulations on the market? Unless I am reading you wrong, you suggest first to take multi-supplements, then to take Glucosamine and Chrondroitin?"

Lack of nutrients, either from whole foods or from supplementation, can directly affect your immune systme and therefore you ability to react against degenerative disease such as osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and non-specific chronic joint pain because the cells will simply not be healthy enough to fight off free radicals from oxidative stress.

So yes, I am advocating that one first addresses their basic nutrient needs for optimum celluar health, and since it is almost impossible to get your daily requirements from whole foods, one must supplement with high doses of a quality supplement. The Required Daily Allowance was developed, when?,...1940 or close to it and hasn't changed since. Plus this was a minimum requirement based on giving minimal protection to the disease of that era, scurrvy and ricketts.

I also take a pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine which is optimized with Vitamin C, Manganese, Silicon and the all important Turmeric Extract which is a formulation intended to maintain and even build healthy cartilidge.

I have tried a wide range of Off The Shelf joint products many with other ingredients besides Glusocsamine, such as Chondriotin, HA, MSM and Yucca Root Extract. None of them gave me any relief. I almost did not try the Glucosamine product I am now taking since I thought I had a knee problem other than my cartlidge.

I advise people who take our Glucosamine product that they will be much better off taking it with a quality nutritional supplement. I always suggest that two months would be an adequate timeline to see if you get results. This combination is less than $70 for a month supply, so I think that for a $140 investment one would know for sure if supplementation is going to give them an acceptable measure of relief.

In fact I have a client (Rick) going on this combination next week and am going to keep close track of his results and post them.

Let the Buyer beware. Be a smart consumer and do your own research. Look for a quality guarantee and a USP and NSF certification on any products.

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