Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reader Question on Degenerative Disease received an e-mail from Gloria who asked "You mentioned a person should take nutritional supplements to provide protection for degenerative diseases. What exactly do you mean by degenerative disease? A disease that you already have but gets worse? Or a genetic disease?

When I write about Degenerative Disease I am thinking the diseases that the body can't suppress due to a less than optimum immune system, which may be limited or restricted by a lack of nutrients in sufficient amounts in order to be sound, and a immune system degraded by age.

Certainly genetics can play a part. I am trying to find the genetic disease article I read a year back which stated, if my memory serves, that about 20-30% of degenerative disease are a result of genetic programming of the cellular DNA. So I guess if only, say 30%, of disease are a result of your genes, then it stands to reason that the majority of denegrative disease are a result of a lack of nutrients, an aging body and perhaps exposure to toxins in sufficient amounts to do damage. In any event, your body can't function as well as it can without the proper nutrients in the right amounts.

My Father never took a nutritional supplement in his life, yet he lived to be over 80 years old, working all the time right up to his death. He was roofing houses, doing electrical and plumbing work well into his 80's. I am convinced he was healthy because he was a non-drinker and non-smoker and grew alot of his own food. He was a unapologetic beef eater, but his lunches would often be cucumbers, tomatoes and onions picked minuted before from his garden.

Today's food from the grocery stores lose much of their value in the time after they are picked, packaged, shipped and consumed. It is impossible or near impossible to eat enough good foods to ensure you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy immune system.

The list of degenerative diseases greatly affected by nutrition, or a lack of it, include, but are certainly not limited to: Osteo-Arthritis, Osteo-Porosis, Dementia, Type II Diabetes, Arterio-sclerosis, and Glaucoma. Also toxins build up in the intestinal tract and cause digestive problems; joint cartilage becomes brittle and thin; external wounds and cuts take longer to heal; Arteries harden and blood pressure rises; Peripheral nerve cells die or impart impulses more slowly - affecting eyesight, hearing and reaction times.

So I guess I would summarize that degenerative disease are disease you either develop or have a genetic disposition for, which degenerate further with age and greatly influenced by the nutrients that you provide your body or don't provide your body, as well as from toxins and poisons that you build up through exposure - mostly repeated doses of very small amounts.

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