Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nurse Melanie's Knee Pain and Her Son's ADD/ADHD reduction

We received an e-mail from Melanie of Cleveland, OH" "I have now been on Supplements you recommended and although I was hesitant at first about the Chelated Mineral - Mega Anti-Oxidant supplement and believing I only needed the Glucosamine, I think I had a bigger result from the Mineral and Anti-Oxidant (Essentials). I started feeling really good after the second week of trying the Essentials. I think I noticed a reduction in my knee pain in about week three and after almost two months of taking the Glucosamine my knee pain is diminshed quite a bit. Like I wrote you previously, I had participated in High School sports and had suffered several knee injuries with a torn cartlidge being the most major injury."

"As a LPN, I am on my feet much of my shift so the reduction in knee pain is a tremendous benefit. However, why am I writing you is that I looked at the children's supplement and when you told me that children with ADD and ADHD often benefit from a high quality daily nutritional and the addition of an Omega 3 Fatty Acid, I decided to take the chance and put my six year old son on it for a couple months. Wow! What a world of difference! Ryan is much calmer and even looks me in the eye when I talk to him. His previous incessant movement is reduced as well. I think I'll soon be able to put him back in school! Thank you, very much. P.S. I also liked the health videos you sent. I have sent them to several people as well."

Melanie is one of several people who report much better behavior from their previously diagnosed ADD/ADHD children when putting them on a high quality, high dose daily nutritional supplement and add Omega 3.

Melanie's reduction in knee pain is probably not only from the Glucosamine but from the pharmaceutical grade daily supplement she takes which provides the body with the esential nutrients to combat oxidative stress which, left unchecked, can manifest itself into degenerative disease and symptoms like chronic knee pain.

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