Monday, July 18, 2011

14 Year Old Baseball Player with Bad Knees

A Sports parent send me this question: ”Dear Myachingknees, my 14 year old son plays baseball and is very good, however the sport is taking a toll on his knees. He has to ice his knees after every game then he is stiff for 24-48 hours. Do you think the Glucosamine you recommend can help him? Dan, Phoenix , AZ. ”

At 14 years old I am not sure if all the bones, tendons and connective tissue is mature enough to handle the strain of sudden sprints, twisting turns, impact and other minor trauma on athletes. I would certainly consult with an orthopedic specialist on the pain or discomfort your son is experiencing. When I was 15 years old and playing summer ball (at 3B), I turned to my left suddenly to go after a ball and torn some cartilage in my knee – too me out for the summer. The spikes or cleats on the shoes can add to this problem.

I think the Glucosamine would help with cartilage health but would be maximized by ensuring your son received all the nutrients, in the proper amounts, for optimum cellular health. I see many people taking or wanting take just optimizers where the first priority in my opinion would be a complete nutritional formula, again in the right amounts (dosages) to provide what they body needs. So I would suggest trying a complete nutritional supplement and glucosamine optimizer for maybe three to six months,……maybe add in a Omega 3 Fatty Acid source as well,....really all you would have to lose is a small amount of money.

I would caution you on taking off the shelf supplements. Buy the best you can, pharmaceutical grade is best. I have no other reason, but pharmaceutical grade supplements, to attribute my greatly diminished knee and back pain and overall great health to.

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