Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol equals Bad News

Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol,....from the "Pediatrics Report - Risks From Energy Drinks" a reader named ‘veins’ submitted the comment that “Today, a lot of humans tend to mix activity drinks with alcohol, which makes the furnishings (?) even worse. Drinking a lot of these types of drinks alloyed with alcohol can lead to many health risks.

While doesn’t understand what Veins meant by “furnishings”, he/she is correct that this can lead to many health issues. We submit to the notion that the commercial – conventional energy drinks, e.g..Red Bull, Monster, etc., are bad enough for anyone to consume,.....adding alcohol to them makes it worse, and dismayed to learn this is a trend with teenagers and young adults.

I can see the draw, seemingly consuming an alcoholic beverage with an additional energy kicker among friends at a party. But let’s look at this. Alcohol is a depressant, so while consuming a beverage that depresses your system and lifts constrains on your inhibitions you also want to spike your blood sugar and make your pancreas work very hard and take yourself closer to type II diabetes? Wow!! Sounds like a good idea to me....NOT!

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