Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nutrition is No Cure for Joint Pain

Regarding one of my clients, Danny, who increased his overall health and decreased pain in his hip and knee by ensuring he provided his body with the nutrients it needed through watching what he ate and taking high quality nutritional supplements, Tim commented "If nutrition could cure or reduce the pain due to joint or hip problem, then it's freaking awesome. It's true that millions of people are suffering from pains and a simple walk or bent is already an ordeal. And since not everyone could afford to pay that much, I'm almost certain that many are still relying to drugs rather than having a permanent solution. And considering the Depuy ASR hip replacement recall news, I'm beginning to doubt this option as well." wants to ensure that in no way are we implying that nutritional medicine is a cure for any type of joint pain. Even using the word "treat" like we do is a stretch. But what is not a stretch is that all sorts of degenerative disease are greatly influenced by the nutrients or lack of nutrients that we provide our bodies.

Without the proper nutrients in the proper amounts any person is not doing all they can to ensure protection from oxidative stress and the resultant free radicals which can cause these degenerative diseases to include joint problems.

And NOBODY can tell me that my knees and back are not better and the only change I made was taking pharmaceutical grade supplements including Glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Tim is right, drugs (medications) are relied upon by many. I hope they go into using these drugs knowing about the potential side effects which can be as devastating as the pain or condition they are taking these medications for.

And right again on joint replacement re-calls...seems everything you turn on the television you are seeing a class action lawsuit against some manufacturer or another on these implants. Take responsibility for your health; do your own research and let the buyer beware.

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    The impracticality of conducting large scale clinical trials before approval for every drug and device places a burden on post-approval surveillance.