Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weight Loss Tips,....Help Those Joints

Ahh, weight loss,...not only good for our spirits and how we see ourselves, but reducing the amount of weight you are carrying will help the joints as well. Remember, those extra 20 pounds feel like an extra 40 pounds to aching knees!

From Healthy Living, July 11, 2011, The Weight Loss Tips You're Not Trying

In reality, hitting the gym five times a week and sweating out major calories a la Britney Spears is on my priority list … it's just waaay down at the bottom with cleaning out my closet and watching "The Green Lantern."

I do care about eating right and burning more calories, but I just wish it didn't always feel like rocket science. Seriously, do I really have to read a 300 pager on some fad diet plan or learn army-worthy workout sequences just to decrease my "pooch"? There have got to be easier, sneakier ways to lose those stubborn pounds, right?

Fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden says absolutely. And while all these little tweaks may seem minor, they add up over time. Awesome.

No. 1

Limit your liquids to herbal tea and water only. Drinking even light juices or diet coke will still pack on pounds over time, says Borden. If you need a sweet fix, eat your fruit, don't drink it. You'll get more fiber and less sugar that way.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Slice up a cucumbers place in a quart of water then into the fridge. You'll have a good tasting drink after a couple of hours.

No. 2

Eat with chopsticks. "People who use chopsticks tend to eat way less and get fuller quicker because it takes longer to eat -- [chopsticks] slow you down," says Borden. This is one of the biggest rules of thumb when it comes to eating right. If you eat too fast your body doesn't register that it's full, so you'll keep eating unnecessary calories.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Eat with your hands - an even better way to eat less or eat by yourself.

No. 3

Take your workout to work. No time to exercise before or after work? Burn a few calories during your lunch hour instead. Borden likes the virtual jump rope for this purpose (try Airope Original, 34.95). It's easy to tote, you won't whip any colleagues, and two simple minutes of jumping will get you off your bum and blasting cals. Bonus: It'll give your back a much-needed break from hunching (and hurting), she says.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Go for a fast walk; 4 mph minimum for 20 minutes. This would be 1 1/4 miles. Include some stairs and even better if you can find a place to walk backwards. After a couple weeks, I'll be you lose at least an inch off your butt.

No. 4

Avoid low fat diets. "Fat is your friend, it will help you get fewer calories cravings," says Borden. Find good-for-you fats in avocado, olive oil and fish.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Learn the good and bad fats. Read the labels. Become an informed consumer.

No. 5

Do an activity that jumpstarts your lymphatic system, says Borden, like running, jump rope, and rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline). These activities boost your circulation to help release built-up toxins, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. And you know what that means: More calories burned without any extra effort.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Do some exercise after you eat your final meal of the day (night). Doesn't have to be much. A short 20-25 minute fast walk,...don't forget about walking backwards!

No. 6

Sprinkle on the cinnamon. Flavoring your oatmeal, cereal, coffee -- you name it -- with cinnamon may actually control the insulin spikes that often occur after you eat, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture finding. These spikes can make you feel hungry, which isn't exactly ideal if you're trying to cut calories.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: Honey is another good sweetener. Doesn't go bad in your pantry either. If it crystalizes, just put the jar in a pan of hot water.

No. 7

Avoid creamy foods. Example: Dairy or creamy dressings like ranch have more unhealthy fats and are harder to digest than olive oil-based fats found in vinaigrette-like dressings.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: For a quick meal, cook some whole wheat pasta, then top with sprinkled extra virgin olive oil. Great anti-oxidant; good source of essential fats. Taste good too. You can add un-cooked or steamed onions, mushrooms or squash if you want to give it some body.

No. 8

Add more weight to your weight-training workout. It's a myth that women "shouldn't lift more than three pounds," says Borden. "The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be," she adds. So, don't be afraid to pile on the pounds (to your weight room routine, that is) and don't worry, contrary to popular belief, it's actually hard to add bulk. If you can do 15 reps of an exercise easily, add more weight until your last rep is an effort, she says.

MyAchingKnees.com Tip: 15 reps is a good figure, but a minimum number. Stack your exercises into a circuit with no rest in-between; add ab exercises between circuit runs. I'll bet you can get a good workout in less than 30 minutes. And remember that most diets fail because the person trying to lose weight does not give their body the nutrients it needs. Think high quality supplements.

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