Saturday, August 6, 2011

Addiction Claims Another Star

Last week America learned of another, by drugs, of a music star. Amy Winehouse a very talented singer/songwriter joined Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin as giving their lives to their addiction to narcotics.

I wonder just how many average Americans, some of whom cannot begin to carry a tune or write song, are suffering with addiction to prescription pain killers...none more so than people with chronic knee, back and other joint pain, sometimes so debilitating some people seemingly can't go on.

It's much, much easier to get a Physician to write a script and for that person to become reliant on pain killers than it is for a person to wean themselves off of these complicated drugs. This is the silent addiction. The 800 mg Motrins, the Tylenol - Codeine tabs, the Percocets, Oxycontin, and far harsher others.

I think that in this society we have woven, people just procrastinate and rationalize everything. And no more dangerous is this, is it for people on pain killers or addicted to illegal narcotics. Some rationalize "Okay, when it starts becoming a problem, I'll get off it." Take pain killers for that joint pain or that back ache every day and you little by little degrade your body.

Others may think they need that pill each day in order to get through the day keeping their pain away...."I need these pills so I can walk without pain",..... Maybe so. But also is it so, that there is much people can do to try and eliminate their dependency upon these daily pain killers. It starts with changing the culture and reducing the "quick cure" on pain killers. It starts exploring all manner of alternative therapies - some of which have been in effective use a lot longer than prescription pain killers,...and it with starts with living a healthy life style.

I write about this because I have lost a close family member to suicide which was directly influenced by 13 prescription medications that person was on. I know many others who take daily pain killers,...some for neck pain,...some from residual pain from broken bones. I don't have the answers. And maybe I'm just fortunate not to have pain anymore. Just be careful on what you take. I know many people who think nothing of popping a few Tylenol or Motrin,......common sense, case examples, and now Tylenol decreasing the daily maximum dose all should lead you to reconsider how you use these products.

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