Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creatine Hurt My Joints received this comment from Anonymous, our previous post Link between Creatine and Chronic Joint Pain?:........"I have absolutely concluded that cycling creatine for 4-6 weeks for me has caused terrible knee pain, when i cycle off creatine my knees feel great, then when im back on it starts to hurt again, so for me ill get off of it for good this time and yes yes yes I drink plenty of water."

I used to take Creatine as well as alot of other "supplements of the week, month or year". I experienced pain in my elbows and knees and concluded that it was the Creatine. I stopped the Creatine and the pain went away. One of my close friends works out like a fiend and takes a lot of different supplements.....NOS, Amino Acids, all sorts of protein drinks and powders, herbal energy products, etc. We finally came to the point in our decades long experiment with our bodies, exercise and supplements that what a person really needs is an daily advanced dose of quality nutrients in order to give our bodies the nutrients it's needs for an functioning immune systems and restorative process.

Sure there are other products that can help as well,...we call them optimizers, the pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine which I attribute to my knee and back pain going away. I also take an alike quality Saw Palmetto product and I have seen by PSA level go from 3.9 to 0.8

Anyway, beware of the latest fad in supplements....and these are mostly targeted towards athletes, like body builders, who spend a great deal of time , effort and oney on building muscles. I just don't think they do a person much good unless that person gets the required daily nutrient's in their proper amounts to have a healthy functioning body.

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