Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't Accept Your Pain!

I recently read a short article in the USA today about joint pain and other pain from degenerative diseases. Imagine my shock when part of the article talked about Accepting Your Pain.

The article when on to say, words to the effect, that is doesn’t mean accepting the fact that you will live our the rest of your life in pain, but to just change the way you think about the pain. Don’t resist the pain,…learn to live with it and you’ll function much better as acceptance is about moving forward and focusing on the positives and you will be thankful for it.

Really?. I have a different viewpoint. Rather than accept your pain,...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Of course you need to be positive. You can’t walk around being Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh where life has dealt you a crap sandwich and you walk around with the “old poor you” perspective. Take responsibility for your health and the pain. Research treatments and effectiveness. Partner with your medical care providers. Ask questions. Do not discount anything other than conventional medical treatments. Do not rely solely on pain medications. In fact, be very, very careful on pain medications as they can mask the symptoms and have life changing side effects.

DO start to build your health.

· Eat better first of all by eliminating the bad foods;

· Start the highest quality nutritional supplements you can find since the simple fact is that you cannot get all the nutrients you need from foods alone – where do you think the “degenerative” process comes from?...maybe it comes from lack of nutrients for your body to effectively fight off degenerative disease;

· Do whatever physical exercise you can do, given your condition and pain;

· Reduce your exposure to toxins.

Don’t be Eeyore, anymore.

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